Friday, 28 December 2007

The Sun and Robert Murat

The Sun is a filthy rag of a newspaper. Aimed at the most base and unthinking gutter and feral elements of British society, sadly it enjoys significant influence in shaping the opinions of a vast swathe of the population, in much the same way that Sky News, another Rupert Murdoch propaganda machine does.

An article on the Madeleine McCann farce/sham/cover-up (delete as applicable) in December 28th's edition of the "news" paper once again points the finger at Robert Murat ( Murat lets not forget fits the bill perfectly as a tabloid villain. He's unmarried, is not photogenic, lives with, or near his mother and has a physical disability - he has a detached retina in one eye (NOT a glass eye, as the gutter press insist). In short, he's Norman Bates-on-Sea for the lazy tabloid press, and of course what the Sun says is treated as gospel in transport cafes, and on building sites throughout the land. The description of Murat by the Sun as a "one-eyed oddball" is wrong on so many levels. Would they have drawn attention to his colour had be been black? Or to his sexuality if he was gay?

Murat's victimisation and plain harassment by the British media has been shameful, as too has the McCanns, and their poisonous PR team and clueless El Clouseaus Metodo 3's willingness to point the finger at a man who is clearly NOT guilty of kidnapping Madeleine.

Once Gerry and Kate McCann are securely under lock and key, for child neglect at least, then I dearly hope Mr Murat has his day in court, and successfully sues the media, the McCanns and Gordon Brown's cancerous Labour government (for it is they who have supplied the vile Clarence Mitchell to be the McCanns Witchfinder General) and walks away from this sordid tale with significantly more money in his bank account than lies in the tawdry Find Madeleine appeal coffers...


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