Friday, 7 December 2007

Do you feel represented within British politics?

Hello and welcome to Vox Britannica - a new blog, and hopefully a place where those of us disenfranchised by the modern British political landscape can come together and make our voices heard.

Does your heart sink when you pick up the day's newspaper and read about political correctness, Nu-Labour spin, human rights for everyone except the indigenous Brits, taxes going through the roof, highly-taxed petrol prices shooting up further, lies about global warming, corruption in government and alleged cover-ups and government involvement in missing child cases? Does your heart sink still further when you realise that the party of opposition, the Conservatives, is led by a weakling like David Cameron who is afraid to embrace the rich history of his party for fear of upsetting the perceived liberal consensus?

So to whom do we turn? To the Liberal Democrats? A joke of a party with policies ranging from the crackpot (50% taxation on income!) to the risibly "trendy" - ramping up taxes on people who choose to drive large vehicles to safely transport their families.

The other alternatives are too dire to contemplate - UKIP or the odious BNP. Their existence is largely ignored by the mainstream media, but the issues they raise over the heinous cost - both social and financial - of uncontrolled immigration is a message which has been ignored at our nation's peril. And will surely be recorded by history as Labour's true "legacy".

What the nation needs is a new party, a new driving force. A party to re-take the centre-right of British politics, the ground the Tories used to hold before a wet blanket called Dave took over and began hugging trees and hoodies and getting into bed with the liberal left.

Speak to the average British person on the street and the issues they'll raise are the same ones you'll raise around the dinner table, or over a drink in the pub. They'll talk about the fear of crime, the destruction of British culture and identity, and the ghettoisation of our cities by uncontrolled immigration, the emergence of Labour's police state, their concern at Britain's blind allegience to George W Bush and the USA, the rape of our armed forces in terms of men and equipment, people dying in filthy hospitals, politicians receiving monies from the most dubious of sources and most of all they'll talk about not feeling represented.

And don't expect the mainstream media, right or left, to be any different. You only have to look at the coverage of the Madeleine McCann "abduction" to see that. From a very early stage in the investigation the public was wondering aloud if there was more to this story than the mainstream press was letting on. Six months plus down the line, and still the media isn't reflecting the views of the majority. Why have D notices - normally used to restrict the press on matters of national security - been used on this story? Just how close is the McCann family to the corridors of power? Why was Clarence Mitchell, a Nu-Labour spin doctor, for want of a better word, assigned to the case at such an early stage. And why are the papers STILL talking of the McCanns as nearly worthy of sainthood?

Britain has become an unpleasant place to live in, at least that is true if you're prepared to be law-abiding, hard-working and decent. Your lives will be made a misery by taxation, crime, insidious revenue-raising speed cameras criminalising the middle-classes simply because the government know they can afford the £60 fine, while robbers, shoplifters and car thieves who can't pay fines get no more than a slap on the wrist and a couple of hours with a sandal-wearing social worker.

So where does the fightback start? Hopefully blogs like this one will lead to a rich and fruitful debate, maybe even a true centre-right political party will emerge over the next five to ten years, and then the cancer which has spread throughout the United Kingdom since that horrific day in 1997 can finally begin to be tackled. We must only hope the fightback doesn't come too late.


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