Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Stop Press: McCanns NOT the world's worst parents?

Just a couple of days after Christmas, on a sink estate in West Yorkshire, a one-year old baby boy was mauled to death by his teenage father's Rottweiler dog. Surely the father of the unfortunately named child Archie-Lee Hurst, Damian Williamson would have been beside himself with grief for the loss of his little one's life? Well you'd have thought so, wouldn't you? But a read of his father's (and I use that term very loosely) BEBO social-networking site (http://www.bebo.com/Profile.jsp?MemberId=696615273) reveals a callous and feral creature, sadly all too typical of the gutter class which Labour's Britain has allowed to flourish.

This post from his equally erudite and charming friend Jimbob hardly suggests that Damian's heart is bleeding (Bear in mind this was posted on 31st December, only a couple of days AFTER Archie-Lee's death):

"Jimbob a up dimeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewe still on for tonite nigga? hope u enjoyed last nite that pizzas made me ill lolif ya cum round a bit later on i will sort ya front wheels out for u do ya mind if i tax ya skin off u?wb bruvxx"

Apologies of course for the criminal levels of illiteracy (and that's positively golden prose compared to many of the posters on Williamson's BEBO page), but how on earth could a father be thinking about getting his car repaired, eating pizzas and doing anything other than grieve for his dead son?

Further insight into Williamson's character comes from his user title on that BEBO page:

"Damian Williamson
Girls, find em, feel em, fuck em n forget em"

What sort of feral filth is Britain now home to? Vile, cancerous scum like Williamson who are so stupid as to be unable, or rather unwilling to work, care more about "modded" cheap cars and dangerous dogs as status symbols than they do about responsibly bringing a child into the world.

For all those who call for an end to uncontrolled immigration and the problems associated with that, it might be worth looking a little closer to home. Society is in a real mess when indigineous British people like this are able to have children, when they're barely old enough, and certainly not bright enough to look after themselves. And the State, through its handouts practically encourages it. Becoming a chav baby machine is more or less a way of life on the gutter estates in the UK now.

If you think I've been harsh, then I say simply take half an hour to read through Williamson's BEBO page. Your heart, like mine will sink. What has become of Great Britain, if odious specimens like him are it's future?

The title of this blog post says that the McCanns now may not lay sole claim to the title of Britain's Worst Parents, and to an extent that's true, though in Williamson's defence I doubt very much that he holds a doctorate and a "respected" position in society like the Chief Arguidos. Williamson's child is dead because her father was cretinous and lacking any moral or common sense, Madeleine McCann is missing and almost certainly dead because her parents knew better, but for reasons only known to them let the need for a few vats of wine and plates of paella get in the way of any notion of proper parenting.

Who is worse as parents - Williamson or the McCanns? Probably, and tragically it's a dead heat.


Tanglewood said...

Hi Vox,
Followed your link from ionglobaltrends. I read a little, however was sickened so did not finish reading.
I fear for the future of the UK, and not because of people wishing to settle here (God Why?), but because of the benefit culture in this country. It is just a gravy train for the workshy.

Ally (Wales) said...

Hi VB,

I also followed your link from Mike H's blog. I was shocked as the newspaper reports I read about the father implied he was a caring, grief-stricken young man. He seems in reality to be depraved and devoid of normal emotions (in common with the McScams it would appear).